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Foundation & Structural Repairs in New Jersey

As Jersey Shore Waterproofing, our team of experienced staffers have cleaned up a wide variety of foundational problems, such as foundation repair, structural repair and structural strengthening. Our adept contractors have a desirable skills set that varies across the spectrum of reconstruction for cellars and other entities. Jersey Shore Waterproofing has a history of collaborating with numerous designers, builders, and managers in order to analyze failed construction and find a solution.

Our enterprise is well-practiced in handling a wide array of adjustments and improvements, such as:

  • Systems relying on steel supportive beams
  • Reconstruction of complete walls
  • Insertion of rods
  • Restoring buildings and homes of historic value
  • Work in stone, brick, and block
  • Restoration with masonry work
  • Structural strengthening

With the changes in the New Jersey climate that has brought more intense rain, snow, sleet, winds, and more, there is a greater need than ever before for a reliable water sealing and contracting service company. Why trust anyone else for your pressing structure needs? We have the skills, abilities, and knowledge to bring top-notch customer service and satisfaction.

Our foundation repair work is essential for homes and other buildings that are crumbling or leaning. Ignoring the cracks and chips in your floor, walls, or ceiling could lead to disastrous results, such as leaks and floods. A contractor with ample expertise will be able to plug up those cracks with the latest and safest tools and equipment so that your daily life does not have to be interrupted.

Added stress and weight in the structure of your building can cause less and less dependability and strength over time and use. Worst case scenario: a building collapse. Our adept team can work on enforcing the reliability of your property with steel rods and beams, inserts, and structural repair.

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